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Welcome to 2019, I bet that 10 years ago futurists were predicting that by now, poverty would have been eradicated, politics would be stable and climate change would be a thing of the past…Sadly, that’s not the case and although all of the above are still very topical in today’s society, what I believe is equally as interesting (and important) is how businesses are communicating with their customers, in particular, through Social Media and Influencers.

And how are they? Social Media of course!!! The power of Social Media in today’s world is unbelievable, it knows who we’re friends with, where we’ve been, what size of clothes we wear and what we like doing on a Saturday night- I mean, do they know my bank details as well?

What I find most interesting however, is the world of influencers on to the App we all love to hate, Instagram. It’s crazy to think that people are now getting paid (and getting paid very well might I add!) to post photos? Something anyone over the age of 50 isn’t quite understanding, but I am absolutely living for!

Influencer Campaigns, for those of you in that age bracket, is best described as when a company reaches out to a blogger or influencer to advertise their product/service via Social Media. It’s increasingly effective – and it doesn’t come cheap either!

This “new” way of advertising is one of the best examples of using traditional advertising methods (does anyone remember product placement?) and transferring them into channels where your customers are engaging! In any marketing textbook you read, and believe me I have read a lot, you learn that the biggest influence on a purchase decision is one of two things: either a friend or family member, or an aspirational figure. Influencers are both of these things, albeit maybe not related by blood, but someone who, after you follow for a couple of months, you become engrossed and invested in their life. You know their favourite brunch spots and where they buy their clothes from and all of a sudden you know more about their life than you do your own friends! Coupled with that, on the aspirational front, you probably followed them in the first place because, and you may not want to admit it, there was something “cool” about them. You liked their style, you liked their workouts or you liked the way they did their makeup- you’ve taken tips from them ever since you’ve followed them and you even got a new phone case because you saw that girl with 100k followers, who actually lives down the road from you, had one and so you just had to have one too! We’ve all done it and I’m the first to admit it!

Rounding up this rather lengthy blog post, I think the best influencers are really on the ball, they take 2 of the most important marketing aspects; influence and reach and combine them into one easily digested advertising message.  As for businesses utilising this facility, they are nailing digital marketing even more- they get to benefit from brand awareness, Social Media exposure and direct sales all in one- making the marketers job even easier? Although it is important to remember that it still requires synergy and harmony between your brand values, your product/service offering and the influencer. If this isn’t there, then you’re back to square one.

All in all- influencers keep doing what your doing- I can’t wait to see what comes next!

If you’re interested in how your business could benefit from utilising Social Media and Influencers, then get in touch for a chat- we’d love to hear from you!

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