Are you lacking inspiration for your Social Media strategy? Are you still suffering from the Christmas brain fog? If so, we are on hand to help! As we already know from various research over the years, #hashtags are great for using on Social to help your content reach a larger volume of people, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, it all works the same!

To help you gain a little bit of inspiration, we have laid out the main holidays/events happening throughout the year so you can stay on top of the algorithm changes and stay relevant with your content.

You can thank us later…..

January 2020

01/01- New Years Day

04/01- World Braille Day

16/01 – Get to Know Your Customers Day #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

24/01 – National Compliment Day #NationalComplimentDay

25/01 – Chinese New Year #YearOfTheRat

28/01 – Data Privacy Day #PrivacyAware


February 2020

02/02- Groundhog Day #GroundhogDay

09/03-  National Pizza Day #NationalPizzaDay

14/03- Valentine’s Day #ValentinesDay

20/03 – Love Your Pet Day #LoveYourPetDay


 March 2020

05/03 – #NationalPancakeDay

06/03 – #DentistsDay

08/03 – International Women’s Day #IWD

17/03 – #StPatricksDay

22/03 – Mothers Day

23/03 – #NationalPuppyDay

25/03 – #WaffleDay

26/03 – #NationalSpinachDay

30/03 – #NationalDoctorsDay


April 2020

01/04 – #AprilFools

02/04 – #EqualPayDay

03/04 – #WorldPartyDay

07/04 – #NationalBeerDay

16/04 – #NationalStressAwarenessDay

18/04 – #HighFiveDay

23/04 – #NationalPicnicDay

26/04 – #NationalPretzelDay


May 2020 

01/05 – #LoyaltyDay

04/05 – #StarWarsDay

07/05 – National Teachers Day #ThankATeacher

08/05 – World Ovarian Cancer Day #OvarianCancerDay

12/05 – International Nurses Day #NursesDay

15/05 – National Chocolate Chip Day #ChocolateChipDay


June 2020 

05/06 – #HotAirBalloonDay

07/06 – National Doughnut Day #DoughnutDay

15/06 – #NaturePhotographyDay

19/06 – #NationalMartiniDay

21/06 – Fathers Day

30/06 – Social Media Day #SMDay


July 2020

01/07 – International Joke Day #TellAJoke

13/07 – #NationalFrenchFryDay

17/07 – #WorldEmojiDay

20/07 – #NationalLollipopDay

21/07 – #NationalIceCreamDay

24/07 – #NationalTequilaDay

28/07 – #ParentsDay

30/07 – International Day of Friendship #DayOfFriendship


August 2020

03/08 – National Watermelon Day #WatermelonDay

09/08 – #NationalBookLoversDay

10/08 – National Lazy Day #LazyDay26.08 – #NationalDogDay

27/08 – #GlobalForgivenessDay

31/08 – International Bacon Day #BaconDay

15/08 – #NationalRelaxationDay

26/08 – #NationalDogDay

27/08 – #GlobalForgivenessDay

31/08 – International Bacon Day #BaconDay


September 2020

12/09 – National Video Games Day #VideoGamesDay

13/09 – Positive Thinking Day #PositiveThoughts

29/09 – #InternationalCoffeeDay

30/09 – #InternationalPodcastDay


October 2020

01/10 – World Vegetarian Day #VegetarianDay

04/10 – #NationalTacoDay

10/10 – #WorldMentalHealthDay

16/10 – Boss Day #NationalBossDay

25/10 – #WorldPastaDay

26/10 – #NationalPumpkinDay

29/10 – National Internet Day #InternetDay


November 2020

01/11 – World Vegan Day #VeganDay

03/11 – #SandwichDay

05/11 – Guy Fawkes Day- (Fireworks)

13/11 – #WorldKindnessDay

27/11 – #BlackFriday

28/11 – #SmallBusinessSaturday

30/11 – #CyberMonday


December 2020

01/12 – #GivingTuesday

04/12 – #NationalCookieDay

08/12 – #NationalBrownieDay

10/12 – #HumanRightsDay

24/12 – #ChristmasEve

25/12 – #ChristmasDay

26/12 – #BoxingDay

31/12 – #NYE #NewYearsEve

Let me start by holding up my hands. I have borrowed the theme of this piece from an article I read in my favourite magazine. It struck a note with me so I thought I’d add my own thoughts. The writer talked of spotting a poster for Japanese food with the message: ‘Creating a world where everyone believes in their own authenticity.’ This poses some interesting questions: for instance, what does it mean to believe in your own authenticity? How would you go about creating a world where everyone does? And what on earth has that got to do with Japanese food?

Other campaigns are less confusing but still strangely utopian: Heineken has been campaigning for ‘an open world’, where people listen to each other and realise ‘that there is more that unites us than divides us’.


Why does that make me point to the Heineken tap instead of the tried and tested Tennents?

It wasn’t always like this. The successful slogans of the 20th century tended to be pragmatic like ‘Go to work on an egg’ or “Guinness is good for you”, or even flattering like ‘Because you’re worth it’. We had catchy phrases like “Beanz Meanz Heinz” and implied cost savings like John Lewis’s “Never knowingly undersold”

Now, advertising tries to address the meaning of life.

Sportswear brands were early adopters of the Profound Statement. Adidas has long claimed that ‘Impossible is nothing’, while Nike has urged ‘Just do it’ since 1988. Nike’s new campaign goes further, advising: ‘Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.’ Let’s hope nobody takes it literally.

The current Ad that perplexes me most is HSBC. It is titled “Global Citizen” with 60 seconds of beautifully filmed, narrated and choreographed advertising that I presumed had been commissioned by one of those student organisations that tell us that nationalism is outdated and that we are all just citizens of the world. Only at the end did I realise it’s promoting a bank.

I don’t know about you, but what I want from a bank is efficiency, service, prudent investment and a safe place for my money.

Global Citizen indeed!!

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I bet that 10 years ago futurists were predicting that by 2019, poverty would have been eradicated, politics would be stable and climate change would be a thing of the past…

Sadly, that’s not the case and although all of the above are still very topical in today’s society, what I believe is equally as interesting (and important) is how businesses are communicating with their customers.

And how are they? Social Media of course!!! The power of Social Media in today’s world is unbelievable, it knows who we’re friends with, where we’ve been, what size of clothes we wear and what we like doing on a Saturday night- I mean, do they know my bank details as well?

What I find most interesting however, is the world of influencers on to the App we all love to hate, Instagram. It’s crazy to think that people are now getting paid (and getting paid very well might I add!) to post photos? Something anyone over the age of 50 isn’t quite understanding, but I am absolutely living for!

Influencer Campaigns, for those of you in that age bracket, is best described as when a company reaches out to a blogger or influencer to advertise their product/service via Social Media. It’s increasingly effective – and it doesn’t come cheap either!

This “new” way of advertising is one of the best examples of using traditional advertising methods (does anyone remember product placement?) and transferring them into channels where your customers are engaging! In any marketing textbook you read, and believe me I have read a lot, you learn that the biggest influence on a purchase decision is one of two things: either a friend or family member, or an aspirational figure. Influencers are both of these things, albeit maybe not related by blood, but someone who, after you follow for a couple of months, you become engrossed and invested in their life. You know their favourite brunch spots and where they buy their clothes from and all of a sudden you know more about their life than you do your own friends! Coupled with that, on the aspirational front, you probably followed them in the first place because, and you may not want to admit it, there was something “cool” about them. You liked their style, you liked their workouts or you liked the way they did their makeup- you’ve taken tips from them ever since you’ve followed them and you even got a new phone case because you saw that girl with 100k followers, who actually lives down the road from you, had one and so you just had to have one too! We’ve all done it and I’m the first to admit it!

Rounding up this rather lengthy blog post, I think the best influencers are really on the ball, they take 2 of the most important marketing aspects; influence and reach and combine them into one easily digested advertising message.  As for businesses utilising this facility, they are nailing digital marketing even more- they get to benefit from brand awareness, Social Media exposure and direct sales all in one- making the marketers job even easier? Although it is important to remember that it still requires synergy and harmony between your brand values, your product/service offering and the influencer. If this isn’t there, then you’re back to square one.

All in all- influencers keep doing what your doing- I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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