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If I had a pound for every time I saw a new start up promising to take away the stress and hassle of Social Media while describing themselves as a “Marketing Agency” then I would be writing this from a luxury villa somewhere warm and sunny!

Recently, there has been a surge in start-up Social Media Management companies claiming that they will solve all your Marketing and Advertising needs. This has left people thinking, “Well I can work Instagram, so I now work in Marketing”- does this mean that Marketing is now the easy option? The plan B career option?

The answer to both, is no, absolutely not. Marketing is arguably one of the most crucial areas of a business, without it, there would be no market knowledge, no staff and certainly no sales! Successful Marketing stretches far beyond a few Instagram posts per month and a bit of Facebook advertising. Yes, Social Media is a very important advertising platform in today’s world, not least because of the vast number of users, but it’s certainly not the definition of Marketing and Advertising!

Marketing, in its truest form, is about knowing your target market, identifying your proposition and crafting your advertising message in order to attract your potential customers - all while advertising on a platform that your message will be received and then actioned accordingly. Social Media is purely one of the vehicles which enables the message to reach the customers. This all evolves from a coherent and concise marketing plan- without one, you are doomed for failure right from the beginning.

Clear understanding of Marketing principals combined with the knowledge of advertising channels is what makes a very successful campaign.

About the author

Guy Robertson is an independent marketing consultant.

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