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OK, so I'm a bit late to the party with this one but I was keen to see how it played out after the initial burst of publicity; brilliant, good, bad and downright awful.

Partick Thistle are not only the talk of the steamie as a result of the new sponsorship deal with Kingsford Capital which was launched on Monday by their "grotesque" new mascot Kingsley. They made the national TV news, every newspaper and were tweeted, retweeted, liked and shared all over social media. The Jags haven't had so much publicity since they beat Celtic 4-1 in 1971.


However not everyone was happy. Enter one of ever increasing mass of perpetually offended and humourless organisations that seem to pop up everywhere these days.

Siegfried Christiansen, of OOA Fonden (Organisation for Information on Nuclear Power), said: "The logo has a strong resemblance to the smiling sun logo of the anti-nuclear movement.
We strongly regret and feel offended by the design by the prize-winning artist David Shrigley."
He also said the Partick Thistle should "consider paying respect to the grass roots campaign against nuclear power and go for another logo for their football club". 


Thanks for that Siegfried. It got another day's coverage, Maybe he's a secret Jags fan!

Will Thistle attract more people (£££!!) to their first few games as a result? You bet they will. And they deserve it for a truly inspirational idea.

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