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As a kid, birthdays are exciting. You look forward to being showered with presents and everyone being nice to you. Then as you enter your late teens and twenties it's an excuse to go out partying and get drunk. In your thirties and forties it's all bit humdrum and by the time you reach your fifties (54 today to be precise!) it becomes a time for contemplation. What have I achieved? Where am I going? Why is my back sore? Why are menus printed with such small text? And how quickly is the world of advertising and marketing changing?

The answer to my last question is of course VERY! It seems like every week there is a new development, each one trumpeted as the Next Great Thing. Yesterday I read an interesting article on how Re-targeting is evolving from a desktop orientated technique that exposes your advertising message at a later date to the 98% of people who visit your website without buying.Proximity marketing now allows you to use the location data that mobile offers to target consumers based on observed behaviours over a period of time in the real-world.

And taking this a step further is beacon technology. This is hyper-local advertising using beacons that can determine someone’s exact location, typically within a specific department or area of a shop. Any retailer can install beacons in specific parts of their stores to transmit messages via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to communicate with customers who have certain apps installed.


All of this is fantastic but no amount of sophisticated profiling and targeting will work unless the appropriate creative message is transmitted. Seems obvious but it's often missed in the rush to embrace these exciting new techniques. The advertiser who harnesses the opportunities afforded by mobile to a GREAT IDEA will make fortunes!

About the author

Guy Robertson is an independent marketing consultant.

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