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Work Experience-Q & A

Last week, we had the pleasure of Rebecca joining us for a couple of days work experience as part of her structured placement. We thoroughly enjoyed having Rebecca with us and we hope we gave her a good taste of the Marketing mix and encouraged her that it’s a brilliant sector to work in! Before […]

Need help with your Social Media content strategy?

Are you lacking inspiration for your Social Media content strategy? Are you still suffering from the Christmas brain fog? If so, we are on hand to help! As we already know from various research over the years, #hashtags are great for using on Social to help your content reach a larger volume of people, whether it […]

When did Advertising forget what it’s meant to do?

Let me start by holding up my hands. I have borrowed the theme of this piece from an article I read in my favourite magazine. It struck a note with me so I thought I’d add my own thoughts. The writer talked of spotting a poster for Japanese food with the message: ‘Creating a world […]


Social Media and Influencers

Welcome to 2019, I bet that 10 years ago futurists were predicting that by now, poverty would have been eradicated, politics would be stable and climate change would be a thing of the past…Sadly, that’s not the case and although all of the above are still very topical in today’s society, what I believe is […]